You’ve Been Turned Down for HAMP…Now What?

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately that have been turned down for for a Home Affordable Modification Program mod.  The reasons vary and some lenders won’t even give reasons.

But did you know you can ask your lender to reconsider your modification request?

And in some circumstances they’re actually required by law to reconsider your application.

Turned down for HAMP

Make Them Reconsider Your Package

You lender is required to reconsider your HAMP modification under the following circumstances:

  1. You were found ineligible the first time you applied.  It doesn’t matter whether you were ineligible either for a trial period plan or during the trial period.  as long as your circumstances have changed sufficiently to impact the previous determination, or
  2. You received a HAMP offer but did not make the first trial period payment by the end of the month in which it was due.

If you meet one of these criteria, ask them to reconsider and if they don’t, tell them they’re required to by the HAMP FAQ dated January 8, 2010.

What If You Don’t Meet these Criteria?

If you don’t meet these requirements, you can still ask them to reconsider your package, but they’re not obligated to do so.

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  1. jim renfrew Says:

    they’re actually required by law to reconsider your application. that’s probably why my lender resubmitted mine. just so they can say they did (ocwen)

  2. Howard Says:

    My Lender (servicer actually) Central Mortgage, denied my first two HAMP loan mod submissions, offering ludicrous reasons. The first one they denied me at the end of the 3 month trial period, the 2nd time, they refused to enter me into the HAMP program. Though at the end of the letter they encouraged me to reapply should my situation change. I will kick this can as far down the road as these guys will let me (actually it appears they want to kick it as far down the road as possible too). Time to submit a 3rd application.

    Amy Reply:

    I also have central mortgage-Would you mind telling me the reason for your denial. Mine was- Principal Deferral more Than current Mark-to-Market value. They have been dragging me through the mud and now are foreclosing June 1st. I have talked to everyone and no one seems to want to help

    Tony Reply:

    Have you tried NACA? They are a nonprofit organization that may be able to help you. They may even put a hold on your forclosure date. Go to They are very busy just keep trying!

    Good Luck!

    Ann Reply:

    Same here same old drumma!! My house is in foreclose as we speak..The Bank wants me to turn in my keys for cash..No way charlie..I have a girl freind that’s an agent she is trying to help me with my home.

  3. will Cutlip Says:

    This really is the illuminati

    the combined plan was to buy trillion of dollars in loans originated from low-income, minority and risky borrowers balloon-rate mortgages or mortgages that did not require paperwork pool them sell them off to investors in MBS and then insure them with what is called a credit default swap against default so when they default the insurer gets payout that is two to three times the amount of the mortgage.

    Fannie and Freddy the Federal reserve and all the banks aggressively bought these loans pooled them in mortgage backed securities MBS and sold them off through commercial banks to investors around the worlds then insured them against default with a CDS credit default swap with companies like AIG you don’t have to own the loan to get this CDS insurance. The commercial banks charge a premium to the investor to insure the MBS with a CDS but it is infinitesimal compared to the payout to the insurer. Banks wager that you will default on your loan and triple there money on your loan when they foreclose on you when the pool of mortgages is insured with a CDS.

    Mortgage electronic Registration, MERS which has 44 employees is owned by two dozen of the nation’s largest lenders. The list of owners includes Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. It was the brainchild of the Mortgage Bankers Association, along with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae., the mortgage finance giants to hide what they have had in the works for a decade they had no legislation to conduct business without proper recording and assignment but know one can stop them and now you cant even know the true holder of your note and how much the paid for your mortgage its all hidden behind master servicers, primary servicers and then a servicer all covered through MER’s

  4. Jason Says:

    Im seeking a good legal defence against CMC. They simpply told me I did not qualify for HAMP, no reason given. I agree with above poster this entire thing is a SCAM. We take the risk buying a home then they sell the risk back to investors globally while still maintaining all the benefits! What a nice game or these fraudseters. Im preparing to sue CMC . Any guidance would be appreciated. So far we are using FCRA, and possibly questiong CMC’s standing…feel free to email me at

  5. douglas Says:

    I live in California and my lender advised me to enter Mod prog after i noticied them of job loss. The lender, (now one of the largest in country after their merger) knowingly placed me in their loan mod program AFTER I lost my job, June 2009 then missed my first payment. I detailed my situuation, including being unemployed, in my hardship letters. I say letters because I submitted the Hardship letter 3 different times, and, over the duration, had to resubmitall docs 7 times. they even interviewed me 3 seperate times. Each time they said i was good to go, a decision would be soon. That was on April 2010. On May 26, Auction noticed were pounded on my door with auction date of 6/11/10. After 2 days of humiliating and belittling by the lender reps during our phone conversations, they last rep yell I should neve have been in the mod prog to begin with but just to prove his point, he was going to send moush my he call lender who they “forwarded” my paperwork to my file on to the Review Dept” and ended the call. I started a the short sale process, hired a realitor and got my house on the MLS. Then I recieved notice on 6/26 ( BTW-ALL MAIL FROM LENDER WAS SENT TO ME REGULAR POSTAGE/MAIL. nEVER SIG REQUIRED)I was denied entry into the Mod program due to lack of documentatioduring, however I also had received/submitted 2 offers on my house that have never been approved or denied. Then 2 weeks ago my Realitor called to tell me my house was auctioned off the day before on 7/12/10. I never was given any options after the lender denied the Modification program. No notices were sent, they never called, emailed, regular mailed anything to me during the entire process, I always initiated contact. However they did send their evicotion notice via FED-EX. I want my house back and have the reserve funding for payback, and other programs. I want the deed back but the lender refers all my questions to their lawyers, and all parties involved in the “notice to vacate” dont answer,return calls or wrtten connunications. I want to fight this and get my deed returned. Could anyone please help?

    Todd Reply:

    The only way you can get it back now is to take them to court. You’ll need a lawyer to do it, though. I’d recommend checking out the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Or, you might be able to speak with a local HUD Housing Counselor.

    It’s going to be tough, though, if the house has already been sold. Depending on the state you live in, you might have a redemption period that would allow you to buy the house back. There are articles on this site about redemption periods and how to find out if your state is a redemption state or not.

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